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Pet Insurance in Tulare and Kings Counties, CA

Protecting Pets and Pet Owners in Visalia, CA

Whether it’s common illnesses, poisonings, thefts, or even deaths, the risks that pets of all kinds face are many. These risks can be costly, and this is one reason among many why pet owners need protection. Insurance provides necessary protection, and at DG Insurance Agency we have a complete pet insurance program. Our program mitigates every risk and is flexible, and through our pet insurance program we write fully customized solutions.

Pets are often precious to their owners, and keeping them healthy and happy is important to these owners. We’ve written pet insurance policies and plans for years that have helped pet owners cover the costs of keeping their pets happy and also healthy. We’ll write one of these plans or polices for you, and you’ll therefore find providing your pet with proper care to be cost-efficient.

Pet Insurance Coverage Details

Pet insurance can cover the costs of medical care that pets receive, and it can also reimburse pet owners for pet thefts and pet deaths. In many ways, pet insurance is like an amalgam of health insurance, homeowners insurance, and life insurance for humans. If a pet of yours needs X-rays, dental work, surgery, or other forms of medical attention, pet insurance makes providing any of these things less costly.

We work with a variety of A-rated carriers in order to give you the best possible pet insurance coverage options, which include but are not limited to:

  • Health insurance
  • Preventative care insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Theft insurance
  • Personal property insurance
  • Accident or illness coverage
  • Diabetes coverage
  • Cancer care coverage

Homeowners and renters policies sometimes provide coverage for pets. Ask an agent if your homeowners insurance policy or renters insurance policy covers your pet in any way.

Friendly, Caring Agents Giving You Piece of Mind

Your pet is most likely counting on you to keep him or her secure and healthy, and for this reason and others we’ll make it easy for you to keep your pet secure and healthy. We’ll begin by identifying your pet’s breed and also by determining whether or not your pet has any pre-existing conditions. Our agents have worked on farms and they still raise animals of their own, so assessing your pet will be easy for our agents. 

Once we’ve assessed the needs of your pet, we’ll shop on your behalf for coverages that are right. Once we’ve identified the right coverages, we’ll create the best possible solution.

We’re proactive in every way, and this means that we keep a close eye on policies and plans that we write. We’ll keep a close eye on the policy or plan that we write for you, and this will ensure that there are no gaps in your coverage and also that the rates that you pay are always as competitive as can be.

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