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Contractors sometimes default, and as a result, individuals and/or organizations that hire contractors can sometimes be saddled with incomplete work and significant costs.  This is one reason why having protection against defaults of contactors is important for any business.  Surety bonds provide necessary protection, and at DG Insurance Agency, Inc. we have surety bonds that keep virtually any commercial enterprise secure. 

We’ve provided surety bonds to businesses in Visalia and in communities throughout Central California for more than 40 years, and also we offer bonds that are at varying limits.  We work with A-rated carriers and all of our agents are specially equipped to provide surety bonds.  Whether you need a bid bond, a payment bond, a performance bond, or an ancillary bond, and also whether the bond that you need is probate or something that you’ve elected on your own to get, we’ll help you. 

Types of Surety Bonds for Businesses in California

Surety bonds ensure contract completion in the events of contractor defaults.  If contractors default, surety companies that issue surety bonds are obligated to find other contractors to complete contracts or compensate project owners for incurred financial losses.

Surety bonds are necessary under many circumstances, and also in some cases, surety bonds are required.  Federal construction contracts that are valued at $150,000 or more require surety bonds when bidding occurs or as conditions of contract awards.  State and municipal construction contracts, and also construction contracts of some private entities, require surety bonds when bidding occurs or as conditions of contract awards.

You may need a surety bond for one of a number of specific reasons, and also the bond that you need can be court ordered; for a license; or for a permit.  Regardless of the reason for which you need a surety bond, we’ll provide to you the surety bond that you need.  Also, we’ll ensure that the bond that you purchase has limits that are fitting. 

The surety bonds that we offer include:

  • Bid bond
  • Payment bond
  • Performance bond
  • Ancillary bond
  • Contractor bond
  • Sub-division bond
  • Court bond
  • Conservator bond
  • Fidelity bond
  • Public officials
  • Liquor Licensees

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We thoroughly assess clients’ needs, and also we assist clients through claims processes.  Once we know and understand the clients’ needs, we identify the right coverages and/or options.  At the points that the right coverages and/or options are identified, we help clients select the best possible surety bonds. 

We address clients’ needs in a timely fashion, and also we help clients complete applications that the clients need to complete in order to purchase surety bonds.  We review surety bonds that we provide upon renewals, and as a result the protection that surety bonds provide is always complete, and clients’ rates are always competitive.  If and when possible, we include clients in review processes, and as a result, the clients can fully understand their purchases and be aware of needs for changes to surety bonds. 

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Additional Surety Bond Information and Business Insurance Information:

At DG insurance we’re proud to provide surety bonds in Visalia, Tulare, Hanford, Fresno, Lemoore, and Exeter, CA.  We also serve other areas in the state.

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